Insurance Claims

There is an endless type and variety of injury and/or damage that might be covered by an insurance policy. Such claims include animal attacks, business interruption claims, disability claims, water-damage claims, mortgage-insurance claims, all of which could be subject to coverage by a policy of insurance. The most common types of claims are those for personal injury and/or property damage.

Insurance policies are purchased to provide "insureds", a term that is usually defined by the policy but is often subject to statutory regulation and principals of contractual construction and interpretation as created by the Common Law, with a sense of security and peace of mind in case of loss. The most common types of insurance would be vehicle insurance the purchase of which is required by law for any vehicle used Ontario's roadways, and home-owner's insurance which is required where there is a mortgage. Tenant's insurance is very similar to home-owner's insurance. Many meritorious claims are denied by insurance companies seeking to maximise their profit at the expense of the policy-holder. If the denial of coverage is baseless and/or malicious, and an attempt to merely pad the insurer's bottom line, then the insurer may be liable for what are known as bad faith damages.

Subochlaw has many years of experience acting in insurance-related matters. Its principal, Andrew Suboch, has more than 25 years in the industry. If you believe that a valid insurance claim has been wrongly denied, the lawyers and staff at Subochlaw are familiar with the intricacies of insurance law. They have been fighting against heavy-handed insurance company tactics and will get you the coverage and compensation that your deserve.

Insurance claim lawyers at Suboch Law P.C. assist clients with insurance claims across Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Oshawa, Hamilton, New Market, Mississauga, Brampton and in the province of Ontario.